Imperial Family

Top Title Holders
Rainbow Princess  Sara Childers-Gray
Grand Duchess
 Ericka De’Lynn
Count  David Whitesides
The Charming  Luna Paris
Emperor’s Imperial Family
Mob Boss to Reign 17 Don Emperor 17 Jeff Freedman
King Father Russell Griffin-West Queen Mother Dionna Griffin-West
Royal Father Austyn Riley from Hell Royal Mother Michelle from Hell
Emperor 17 1/2 René Cordova Empress 17 1/2 Oriza Christian Devo-Union
Life, Love, & Awesomeness to the Emperor Sara Childers-Gray
Keeper of the Emperor’s Authenticity Imperial Crown Prince of the Americas
Jadyn DeSalvo
Imperial Crown Princess of the Americas
Zoey DeSalvo
The Emperor’s Lifeline Kathy Cluff
Keeper of the Silver Heart Paris Silver
Guardian of the Dragonfly Bobby Childers
Kit Kat Sisters to the Emperor
Angela Dominguez
Sandi Panties
Tricia Pace
Sisters to the Emperor
Lady Delish
Coco Lee Bloom
Sabrina Storm
Jaime Von D
Percilla Moore
Kery Shaylee
Vega Starr
Frankee Morgan
Keeper of True Brotherhood Deitrich Devoe
Brothers to the Emperor
Drake Riley from Hell
Corbin Dallas LiQué
Kayden Starr
Nathan Graham
Matt Buchanan
Robbie Blaylock
Will Devo Kane-Jaymes Knight
Eddie Moore
Erik Shaylee
The Boulevard Rooster Cruiser of the 17th Reign Mike Johnson
The Keeper of the Emperor’s Bling Bling Christian Le Fleur Dior D
The Cake Boss to the Emperor Ryan Le Fleur
The Emperor’s Private Eye Atticus Windzz
Keeper of the Emperor’s Groove Beth & Debbie Lord
North Gem Advisor to the Emperor Sasha Manhattan
Sister Wife to the Emperor Krystyna Shaylee
Two-Spirit Goddess to the North Crystill Blue Sapphire
Guardian Angels to Reign 17 Alexis Devo & Haylee Bug
The Imperial Club House Roy Eagles
The Imperial Speak Easy Linda Lou’s
The Imperial Cosa Nostra (This Thing of Ours) Our Mother Court RCGSE