Royal Family

Royal Family to the Prince
Royal Father and Origin of the Wolf & the Wolf’s Strength Brandon Scott
Royal Mother and Origin of the Wolf’s Hope Tempest Windz-Foxx
The Origin of the Wolf’s Trust
& Alpha Guardfather to the Wolf’s Lair of Rubies
Ron Star Yeates
The Beta Guardmother to the Wolf’s Lair of Rubies Sherry Daaé
Brothers to the Wolf’s Lair of Rubies
René Cordova
Rita Garcia
Robert Irwin
Jeff Byers
Nubbs from Hell
Sisters to the Wolf’s Lair of Rubies
Kristine Gibbons
Aria Starr
Sara Childers-Gray
Christina Drake
Natasha Day
Sonya Byers
The Right Hands of the Wolf’s Lair of Rubies Ryan LiQué & Lady Delish
The Leather Son to the Wolf’s Lair of Rubies David Whitesides
The Vampire Wolf to the Wolf’s Lair of Rubies Trent Van de Brake
The Distant Guardians of the Wolf’s Lair of Rubies
John Paul Soto
Will Devo
Melody Lane
Darin Hatch
Robert Buckner
Randy Wolfe D’Ville
The Ever-Loved Wolf Pups of the Wolf Prince
Rylan Patrick Shilts
Faith Louise Shilts
Royal Family to the Princess
Royal Father Austyn Riley
Royal Mother J’Lee
The Grand Witch Aunties:
The Gingerbread House Witch Hex Shadow
The Sapphire Witch Vega Starr
White Witch Temperance Abigail Windz St. James
The Evil Sea Witch Tempest Windz-Foxx
Evil Step-Mothers to the Princess
Lady Delish
Sherry Daaé
Evil Step-Sisters
Aria Starr
Anya Bacon
Isis Chanel
Luna Starr
Macie Lynn Barrett
Mae Daye
Best Friend Melody Quintero
Brother Tiger Warriors
Mystic Chanel
Nubbs from Hell
Kayden from Hell
Tim Brown
Josh Phillips
Grandfather and Grandmother Willow Pepper Prespentt & Marita Gayle
The Royal Merlin High Priest
to Their Most Imperial Highnesses
Royal D. Carleton