Reign XVII

The Reign of Authentic Open Hearts

 The First Crowned Transgender Monarch of O-Town
The Celtic Silver-Hearted Dragonfly of the Seventeenth Kingdom

The Authenticity of the Rainbow

His Most Imperial Majesty

Emperor XVII
Sean Starr Prespentt Spam Harlow-Davenport
Griffin-West Childers-Gray LiQué from HELL

 Imperial Family Titles

The Eternal Purple Owl Prince
Watcher of the North

 His Most Imperial Highness
Imperial Crown Prince XVII
Trent Nabor Devo Giovanni
Daaé Griffin-West LiQué

The Passionate Unrelenting
Delicate Flower
The Proof That all of Those Who Wander
are Not Lost
The Calm After the Storm

Her Most Imperial Highness
Imperial Crown Princess XVII
Kristine Daaé Dash Griffin-West LiQué

 Royal Family Titles