The Silver Anniversary Court
The Reign of Tradition & Transition


The PAWS-itively Passionate
Silver Studded Diamond Dog Emperor
Your Guardian of Peace, Love,
Unity & Respect
of the 18th Kingdom

“Thee” ingenuity of the Rainbow

His Most Imperial Majesty
Emperor XVIII
Brandon Scott “Super Reeves”
Nabor-Diamond Daaé Flint Delante “STAR”
Griffin-West LaFleur Dash Prespentt

The Iron Lady Storm Titan
Silver Jubilee Empress
The Darkest Sea Witch
of the ICS & the 18thKingdomThe Promise of the Rainbow

Most Imperial Majesty
Empress XVIII
Tempest Devo Daaé Crystal
Riley Prespentt Starr Storm Windz-Foxx

The Only True Loyal Latin Kink Prince            The Man still on a Mission                         #sothisbitch it’s true…

His Most Imperial Highness
Imperial Crown Prince XVIII
David Whitesides Harlow-Davenport Daaé

   The Amethyst Macabre Princess of Hope

Her most Imperial Highness
Imperial Crown Princess XVIII
Sara Childers-Gray Harlow-Davenport
Daaé Windz LiQué