Imperial Family



Imperial Top 9 of Reign 18

Rainbow Prince Josh Scott
Grand Duke Rita Garcia Grand Duchess Ericka De’Lynn
Count Jeff Byers Imperial Prime Minister Sonya Byers
Emperor 18 1/2 Marc Lucero  Empress 18 1/2  Vega Starr

Imperial Family to the Emperor

King Father Ron “STAR” Yeates
Queen Mother Dominique Dash-Scott
Imperial Father Rod Davenport-Harlow
Imperial Mother Miss Maria Harlow-Davenport
Diamond Dog Brothers Robert Lujan
 Vee Chanel
Nathan Graham
KoKo Waves
 Diamond Dog Sisters Frankee
Misty Blue
Marcy Brody Reeves
Melanie Fox
Angela Dominguez
Misty Waves
 Diamond Dog Advisors Nikki “Super” Reeves
Robbie Blaylock
Lady Delish
Bruce Fauvor
 Diamond Dog Guards Trent & Kristine
Mary & Larry
 Entertainer to the Emperor May Daye
 Brother & Founder of the Diamond Dog Table Atticus Windz-Scott
 Imperial Guardians of Reign 18’s Sins The Sisters of the Zion Curtain
 Imperial Watering Hole to the Emperor Roy Eagles

Imperial Family to the Empress

King Father  Austyn Riley
Queen Mother  Sherry Windz Daaé
The Sugar Skull Villainess Sister to the Empress  Lady Delish
The Vixen Bad Girl Sister to the Empress J’Lee
 The Mafia Mama to the Empress  Ashley O’Day
 The Sexy Devil Villain Husband to the Empress  David Harrison White
 The Flotsam and Jetsam to the Empress  Mike & Ray
 The Tropical Storm of Terror Sister to the Empress  Misty Waves
 The Pent Up, Fed Up, Evil Mastermind Sister to the Empress  Jasmine Drake-Detante
 The Bitterly Blue Barely Bejewelled Villainess Sister to the Empress  Misty Blue
 Keeper of the Empresses Spells  Heidi VanCleave Windz
 Keeper fo the Empresses Book of Shade  Miss Maria Harlow Davenport
 The “Wudgy” Pudgy Potato Prince 17  Trent Vand De Brake Windz
 The Calmed Stormed is Over, She Will Cut a Bitch Princess 17  Kristine Daaé Windz
 The Long-Legged Villainess Sister to the Empress  Tiana La Shaé
 The Saving Grace Sister to the Empress  Classic Diamond Baguette
 The Little Bit Wicked but Always Saved Sister to the Empress  Kendra Diamond
 The Wicked Sorcerer of Fiendish Fun  Mr. Dave
 The Mad Madame Mim Sister to the Empress  Tina Louise Sapphire Dior
 The Always was and Always will be “My Hero” to the Empress  Shelly
 The Protectress of the Empresses Wisdom and Words  Jane
 The original Magic of the Empress  Tarell
 The Keep it Fun Keep it Cool Keep that Thirst Quenched
Brother to the Empress
 Brandon Glover
 The Big Beast Villainess of the Boom Boom Pow  Alexis Boom Boom
 The Wee Wicked Neicey Luna Starr
 The Empresses Royal Cock Slap Boy BJ from Hell
 The Empresses Royal Side Dick Dax Rosencruz
 The Hobbit of the Rainbow Riley Jay Diamond