Royal Family

Prince’s Royal Family
Royal Mother to the Prince Sherry Daaé
Royal Father to the Prince Tim Brown
The Watchful Mother of the Southern Realm June Dahlstrom
Protector of the Eternal Purple Owl Dave Dahlstrom
Brother to the Prince Chris Curtis Romijin
Jason Frazer
Jeff Byers
Marc Lucero
Nate Pacheco
Kayden Starr
Sister to the Prince CoCo Lee Bloom
Legacy Highway
Envy Rose Paris
The Prince’s Royal Guard Pup Brandon Scott
Royal Baker to the Prince Annie
Royal Body Guard to the Prince René Cordova
Advisor to the Prince Matt Buchanan
Princess’ Royal Family
Royal Father to the Princess Michael Nabor
Royal Mother to the Princess Dominiqué Dash
Godfather to the Princess Ron Star Yeates
Royal Child to the Princess Michaela Nicole Emert
Morrigan Faylan Dowdle-Phelps
Brian Austin-Weischedel
Talon Gibbons-Aire
Vanessa Steele
Cody Lyon
Most Royal Granddaughter to the Princess Alice May Phelps
Sibling to the Princess Luna Paris
Sister to the Princess Kayla Aire
Erica D’Lynn
Sonya Byers
Vega Starr
Brother to the Princess Devin Aire
Atticus Windz
Robbie Blaylock
Brandon Scott
Advisor to the Princess
Sherry Daaé
Tempest Windz-Foxx
J’Lee Diamond Tyler
Inspiration to the Princess Lady Delish
Body Guard and Comic Relief to the Princess Marc Lucero
Keeper of the Princess’ Delicate Flower Trent Nabor Devo Giovanni Daaé Dash Griffin-West LiQué