Imperial Family

King FatherAustyn RileyQueen MotherMichelle from Hell
Imperial FatherMichaelangelo RomeroImperial MotherJ’Lee
Emeritus XXRyan Griffin WestEmeritus XXMarcy from Hell

Imperial 9

Rainbow Prince XXJeff Byers
Czar XX Josh HoopsCzarina XXPlatinum
Count XXEmilioCountess XXMikka Paris
Grand Duke XXFernie SanchezGrand Duchess XXVanessa Steel
Prime Minister XXPuffin

Family to the Emperor

Out-of-State Sister to the EmperorTaylor Trash
Leatherman to the EmperorMarshall Huges
Wicked Witch to the EmperorTempest Windz-Foxx
Shit Talker to the EmperorFrankie
Always be the Wife to the EmperorTammy Brody
The Stiletto Sister to the EmperorAngela Dominguez
Brother to the EmperorNathan Graham
Open Souls to the EmperorMink Marché
Classic Diamond
Little Sister to the EmperorEmerald
Little Brother to the EmperorNubbs
Brother to the EmperorRobbie Blaylock
The Heart & Soul to the EmperorMarcy from Hell