Royal Family

Prince’s Royal FamilyPrincess’ Royal Family
Imperial FatherRené CordovaFather to the PrincessNathan Louise Graham
Imperial MotherKrystyna ShayleeMother to the PrincessSherry Daaé
Imperial God ParentsRussell Griffin & Dionna WestKeeper of the Princesses HeartKoby Eggett
Imperial Rodeo JudgeRon “Star” YeatesSeamstress/Sister to the PrincessMikka Paris
Imperial Team Rodeo QueenDominique DashPain in the a$$ Sister-in_Law to the PrincessIvanna Bijou
Imperial Bull FighterKayden from HellNibling to the PrincessLuna Blackwood
Imperial Bull RiderKolton RileyNiece to the PrincessEnvy Rose Paris
Imperial Pick Up ManNubbs from HellKeeper of the Princesses BackDominique Dash
Imperial Bronc RiderSioKeeper of the Princesses Shots/Sister to the PrincessKendra Diamond
Imperial Steer WrestlerSteven BettsProvider of Liquor/Brother to the PrincessRocky Hernandez
Provider of Wisdom to the Princess/Sister to the PrincessVega Starr
Painted Lady to the South/Sister to the PrincessMae Daye